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Characteristics of stainless steel filter elements

1. Characteristics of stainless steel filter element

(1) All stainless steel structure, wide chemical compatibility.

(2) High porosity, good air permeability, low resistance and low differential pressure.

(3) The regeneration performance is good, and it can be used repeatedly after chemical cleaning, high temperature and ultrasonic cleaning.

(4) After being folded, the filter area is large and the dirt holding capacity is large.

(5) High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for high viscosity liquid filtration.

2. Application field of stainless steel filter element

(1) Pharmaceutical industry: pre-filtration of various antibiotics and other liquid medicines.

(2) Chemical industry: Filtration of various organic solvents, acids and lyes.

(3) Food and beverage industry: filtration of wine, mineral water and drinking water.

(4) Electronics industry: Pre-filtration of high-purity water.

(5) Petroleum industry: Oil field water injection filtration.

Post time: Jan-11-2023