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Common cleaning methods for metal sintered felt filter elements

Common cleaning methods for metal sintered felt

1. Chemical cleaning

The most common cleaning solvent for metal sintered felt is acid-base cleaning solution. Chemical cleaning is a common and effective cleaning method for collecting polyester condensate filters.

2. Ultrasonic wave clearing method

Ultrasonic wave energy is a wave energy of continuous pressurization and expansion. This energy is applied to the liquid to generate cavitation and continuous rupture, resulting in ultrasonic cleaning.

3. Heat treatment cleaning

Vacuum pyrolysis, heated flood tank, liquefied bed, and hot salt bath are some of the treatment methods that should be considered when chemical cleaning methods do not work.

After cleaning, the metal sintered felt is inspected for bubbling (special attention should be paid to the filter element in the folded part), and the pressure drop of the filter element is measured.

Post time: Jan-04-2023