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Introduce PP pleated membrane filter elements, which industries are they used in?

Because of its unique low pressure difference, high flux, good filtration accuracy and low economic cost, polypropylene pleated membrane filter element has become a new type of filter to replace non-fixed filters such as bypass filters, cotton cake filters, and cardboard filters. Very popular among users.

Polypropylene pleated membrane filters produced by ODESHIN Filters are widely used in:
Pharmaceutical industry: Filtration of medicine, biology, cells, blood products, etc.
Industry: Filtration of organic solvents and inks; pre-filtration of reverse osmosis water systems, pre-filtration of deionized water systems;
Industry: Filtration of drinking water, beer, beverages, mineral water, etc.
Gas Filtration: Filter compressed air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc.
Others: Filtration of electroplating solutions, metal cutting fluids, photosensitive resists, magnetic media, etc.

Post time: Jan-06-2023